Can a Solo Woman Perform Umrah Alone During Ramadan?

  • March 21, 2024

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, many Muslims around the world begin planning their spiritual journey to perform the sacred rituals of Umrah in Saudi Arabia. For single women, however, there is often confusion and uncertainty surrounding the rules and guidelines for undertaking this pilgrimage alone. Can I perform Umrah alone as a single woman? Is it allowed? All these questions will be answered in this guide!

Perform Umrah Alone as a Single Woman – Quick Overview

While Islam places great emphasis on women’s safety and modesty during travel, there are differing scholarly opinions on whether single women can perform Umrah alone without a male guardian (mahram). Some interpretations state it is permissible with proper safety measures, while others deem it obligatory to have a mahram accompany her.

It’s crucial for solo female pilgrims to thoroughly research guidelines from authentic Islamic sources and trusted travel providers. Factors like age, travel logistics, security considerations and personal circumstances can impact rulings.

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Saudi Arabia New Rules: You Can Now Perform Umrah Alone as a Single Woman Easily

Saudi authorities have officially allowed single women of all ages to obtain travel permits and make bookings for Umrah without requiring a Mahram. This progressive reform applies not just during the annual Hajj season. But it also applies throughout the year for Umrah and other Islamic pilgrimages during Ramadan.

Did you know? Over 4,000 women from India alone were able to perform Hajj in 2023 without a mahram escort. This paved the way for greater female empowerment and access to religious freedoms across the Muslim world.

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With such ground-breaking decisions, Saudi Arabia is enabling single women to boost their spiritual walk with Allah. So, what are you waiting for? Grab Ramadan Umrah packages offer today!

What are the Rules for Umrah for Ladies?

According to Islamic laws, Muslim women must observe specific rules and etiquette when performing Umrah or Hajj. This includes:

  • Wearing a modest, loose hijab covering everything except face and hands
  • Avoiding attractive clothing, makeup or perfumes that could draw unwanted attention
  • Refraining from being in seclusion with non-mahram men
  • Travelling in groups with families/mahrams when possible for added safety

Women are also exempted from certain rituals like removing the hijab during Ihram or shaving hair. Overall, the focus is on maintaining adherence to Islamic principles while fulfilling spiritual obligations.

What Is a Mahram?

In Islamic terminology, a mahram refers to a male family member with whom marriage is permanently prohibited or being related by Marriage. This includes:

  • Father, son, brother, uncle, nephew
  • Father-in-law, son-in-law, brother-in-law
  • Step-father, step-son, step-brother
  • Husband

In Islam, a mahram’s presence is meant to provide:

  • Protection
  • Ensure adherence to Islamic principles, and,
  • Prevent any circumstances that could raise doubts about a woman’s character

Traditionally, it was considered obligatory for women to be accompanied by a mahram for pilgrimages. But, with the latest announcements from Saudi Arabia, single women can now perform Umrah & other pilgrimages alone!

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What if a Woman Has No Mahram? Can I Travel Alone Without a Mahram?

There are differing scholarly viewpoints on this matter based on interpretations of Islamic texts and socio-cultural contexts:

Opinion 1

It is not permissible for a woman to travel overseas for Umrah or Hajj without a mahram under any circumstances. This compromises her safety and could lead to fitnah (moral chaos).

Opinion 2

If a woman has no mahram, she can travel in a secure, reliable and reputed group for her spiritual obligations. While doing so, she should take full safety precautions like travelling only in daylight.

Opinion 3

A woman can perform Umrah alone if she’s financially stable and past the age of menopause. She should also travel with a trusted family group and take all possible security measures.

The majority of scholars seem to favour the second and third opinions which allow for exceptions based on:

  • Necessity
  • Safety Provisions, and,
  • Personal Circumstances

However, with recent relaxations, single women can now seamlessly book the cheapest Umrah packages and perform Umrah during Ramadan!

Rulings on Performing Umrah or Hajj Without A Mahram

Rulings on Performing Umrah or Hajj Without A Mahram

Based on various fatwas (Islamic rulings) from prestigious religious bodies like:

  • The Islamic University of Madina
  • Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta (Saudi Arabia)
  • Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America
  • European Council for Fatwa and Research

Performing Umrah alone in the earlier times was conditionally permissible for women who have no mahrams, provided they:

  • Travel in reputable, secured multi-family groups with families/elderly women
  • Travel in groups by booking a comprehensive Umrah package
  • Avoid any free-mixing or seclusion with non-mahram men
  • Take all possible security precautions in transit areas and accommodations
  • Preferably be older in age and past menopause

However, if a woman can arrange for even a temporary mahram like a male in-law, father, son or nephew to accompany her party, that remains the safest and most ideal option.

But, with the latest rulings, single women can easily perform Umrah without Mahram during Ramadan!

Can a Single Person Go for Umrah?

Yes, fundamentally Islam does not prohibit single Muslim women (divorced, widowed or unmarried) from performing religious obligations like Umrah or Hajj. However, guidelines emphasize taking suitable precautions to uphold moral values and personal safety.

You can now book comprehensive women only Umrah packages specifically customized for single women interested in performing the sacred rituals. These include seamless transportation, comfortable accommodations, and a hassle-free visa process.


For single Muslim women eager to experience the spiritual rewards of Umrah, particularly during the auspicious Ramadan period, there’s good news!

By lifting mahram restrictions, Saudi Arabia has demonstrated remarkable progressive values while respecting Islamic traditions. This inclusive move allows more Muslim women to go on:

  • Life-changing spiritual journeys, and,
  • Experience the wisdom of prophetic teachings firsthand without any travel barriers

As the holy fasting month of Ramadan ushers in blessings, single women worldwide can now go on Umrah pilgrimages more independently and focus wholeheartedly on attaining spiritual growth during this auspicious period. So, don’t wait anymore! Book Umrah holiday packages today!


Is it haram for a single woman to go for Umrah alone?

No, most scholars and even the latest rules from Saudi Arabia state that women can now perform Umrah alone without a mahram.

Does this new rule apply only during the Hajj season?

No, this progressive reform applies not just during the annual Hajj season, but also throughout the year for Umrah and other Islamic pilgrimages.

Can a divorced or widowed woman perform Umrah without a mahram?

Yes, divorced or widowed women with no mahrams can perform Umrah alone. They can book comprehensive Umrah packages to ensure a hassle-free Umrah.

Is it compulsory for women to perform Umrah or Hajj?

No, Umrah is not obligatory for women though highly recommended. However, Hajj becomes obligatory at least once in a lifetime if a woman can afford it and has no legitimate impediments.

What are the key rules and etiquette that Muslim women must observe when performing Umrah or Hajj?

Muslim women must wear a modest, loose hijab covering everything except the face and hands, avoid attractive clothing, makeup or perfumes, refrain from seclusion with non-mahram men, and travel in groups with families or mahrams when possible for added safety.

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