Is Zam Zam Allowed on Tourist Visa in Saudi Arabia – Quick Guide

  • December 13, 2023

As a tourist visiting Saudi Arabia, you may be wondering if you can bring back the precious Zamzam water on your trip. This comprehensive guide will clarify your question, “is Zam Zam allowed on Tourist Visa”. You will also know important details about the airports and airlines that allow carrying Zamzam, permissible quantity limits, and tips for hassle-free zam zam carrying. Let’s dive in!

What is Zam zam Water?

Zamzam is a miraculously, holy water spring within Masjid al-Haram in the holy city of Makkah.

As per Islamic beliefs, Allah created the Zamzam well to quench the thirst of Ismail and Hagar. He did this by making the water spring from beneath their infant son’s heels.

For pilgrims, Zamzam water carries tremendous religious significance as Prophet Muhammad has stated its healing qualities and superb taste.

Now bottled and distributed worldwide, Zamzam’s boasts a unique composition of minerals like calcium and magnesium. These give it a distinct pH level rendering medicinal properties. Tourists can relish this rare chance of accessing the prophetically blessed water!

Where is Zamzam Water Found?

You will find the ancient Zamzam well within Al-Masjid Al-Ḥarām. It’s the largest mosque in the world encircling the Holy Kaaba, in Makkah. Being the sole global source, one can access Zamzam only by entering the Grand Mosque’s indoor wells during Umrah or Hajj.

Here are some places where you will mostly find Zam Zam water apart from the Masjid:

  • Usually, religious pilgrimages can find Zamzam water facilities across Makkah and Madinah.
  • The Zamzam Studies and Research Centre (ZSRC) exports bottled Zamzam globally following stringent checking and quality regulations.
  • Apart from this, you will also find bottled Zam Zam water in major airports in Saudi Arabia.

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Is Zam Zam Allowed on Tourist Visa?

Now the pressing question is – can tourists on a Saudi tourist visa bring back Zamzam water?

Well, legally yes!

Saudi Arabia permits international visitors to carry permissible quantities of Zamzam water. This is subject to routine airport screening. However, due to stricter checks, carrying large unsupported volumes can risk seizure.

  • Permitted Limit: Approximately 5 to 10 litres per person
  • Recommended Airports: Madinah Airport
  • Preferred Airlines: Emirates, Turkish Airlines

On the contrary, Jeddah airport may not allow you to carry Zamzam water on a tourist visa. Some travelers had difficulty carrying Zam Zam on tourist visa from Jeddah airport. On the other hand, other travellers easily carried zam zam from Jeddah airport. Saudi Airlines has strict rules for people carrying zam zam and they only allow those having an Umrah visa.Usually, authorities will ask for your Umrah permit.

Thus, stick within limits and carry water under permissible limits to avoid losing your precious cargo. Also check with relevant airport authorities for a worry-free zam zam carrying experience.

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How can I Carry Zamzam Water Easily?

To effortlessly pass through airport security with your holy Zamzam souvenirs, consider these pro tips by frequent Saudi travellers:

  • Apply for an Umrah Saudi eVisa from UK – Obtaining a religious visa adds authenticity and allows you to carry zam zam hassle-free.
  • Book all inclusive Umrah package – Enjoy a seamless guided pilgrimage experience and ease of carrying zam zam.
  • Carry purchase invoices – Helps validate ownership during scans

Politely cooperate if questioned – Clarify purpose and limits to resolve concerns.

Finally, double check baggage allowances of your chosen airline before boarding. With these guidelines, carrying your cherished Zamzam mementoes back home should be smooth.

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Choose from a wide range of masterfully curated Umrah packages for a worry-free Umrah trip. Additionally, you can easily carry zam zam water from any airport or airline as you have the relevant permit!


Now you have everything you need to know before bringing Zamzam water back as a spiritual souvenir.

With key airports, airlines, and quantity limits clarified alongside travel tips, carrying the precious water should be smooth sailing.

If you’re still worried about carrying Zam Zam on a tourist visa, then switch to an Umrah visa. Make sure to check out exciting December Umrah Packages offers and book yourself an all-inclusive package today.

Enjoy the ease of guided pilgrimage plus a hassle-free Zamzam carrying experience for that feel-good spiritual high to last all year long!


How many litres of Zamzam water is allowed per person?

Around 5 to 10 litres is permitted per traveler on a tourist visa. However, it is recommended to carry lower quantities as they’ll entail fewer checks.

Can I transport Zamzam water in cabin luggage?

No, it needs checking in with regular luggage due to liquid restrictions.

What’s the best way to carry Zamzam water?

Book an all-inclusive Umrah package so that you can easily carry zam zam with the help of your Umrah visa.

Does Emirates airline allow Zamzam water?

Yes, Emirates permits transporting permissible amounts of Zamzam.

What are the recommended airports and airlines for carrying Zamzam water?

The recommended airport for carrying Zamzam water is Madinah Airport. Preferred airlines for transporting Zamzam water include Emirates and Turkish Airlines.

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