Frequently Asked Question

Ans- You can apply with a time frame of 3 days before your departure for Saudi Arabia. This is the maximum processing time for Saudi e- visa, though sometimes some application go through the advanced analysis process, and hence deadline increases. It will be better if you apply with a time gap of 7 days.

Ans- The e- visa for Saudi Arabia remains valid for 1 year. Visa validity depends on your passport validity, if the passport expires before your visa then you can reapply for it. The officials issue the e- visa only till the validity of the passport because the visa authorization is always linked to the passport number.

Ans- Saudi e- visa will allow you to stay for up to 90 days in the country it will be a one- year, multi entry visa. You can travel to the country several times for 90 days during the validity year of your e- visa. This only applies for tourism, if you are visiting for much longer stay either for study or work purpose then you need to apply for different visa type.

Ans- There will be different possibilities according to different situations as mentioned- If there is a stopover of less than 12 hours with a connecting flight on the same airlines then transit visa is not required for you. If the stopover is for less than 12 hours with a connecting flight from a different airlines then transit visa is required. If the stopover is for more than 12 hours with a connecting flight either from same or different airlines then also transit visa is required for you. Apply for Saudi e- tourist visa in case of a long stopover.

Ans- Yes, if minors are traveling they also need to have an e- visa before entering into the country. They must apply and travel with at least one responsible adult. The fee for the minors is same as it is for the adults.

Ans- The e- visa is a simplified online process made by the state to avoid the long queue and rush at the embassy. You can easily get an e- visa at your place which will be applicable for almost all type of stays except some special cases nationalities or durations. For the exceptions still the traditional visa in the passport is required.

Ans- If you once paid for an e- visa then that is nonrefundable. Be sure with your traveling dates and the purpose before applying and paying for Saudi e- visa.

Ans- Whatever data you enter in this website is safely protected and only used to process the requested e- visa. All your personal information are safe and our payment method is so secured that none of your banking details is stored with us.

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