Zam Zam Water: Its Benefits , Importance, And Scientific Views

  • January 10, 2024

Zam zam water holds special religious and cultural significance for Muslims around the world. This guide will provide essential information about Zamzam for tourists visiting Saudi Arabia. Know about its history, benefits, where to find it, and how to appropriately use and appreciate this unique water.

With insights into the traditions and etiquette around Zamzam, visitors can deeply enrich their Saudi experience!

What is Zam Zam Water?

Zamzam water is a miraculously-generated water source located within the Masjid al-Haram mosque in the holy city of Mecca. It is a natural artesian spring that has been flowing continuously for several thousand years in Saudi Arabia.

Millions of Muslims from around the world visit the Zamzam well each year while performing Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages. They drink its water, use it for worship, and take the water home to share with family and friends.

For followers of Islam, the water holds a unique significance. Because it carries blessings due to its spiritual origins and proximity to the sacred spaces of Mecca.

Where Does Zamzam Water Come From?

The Zamzam well taps into an ancient underground water aquifer located about 45 meters east of Kaaba in Mecca.

The spring originates deep below ground and forms part of the infrastructure of Saqifah Zamzam. This is a domed structure engraved with Quranic verses where visitors collect water.

What Is the Story of Zam Zam Water?

According to Islamic traditions, the Zamzam spring first miraculously sprouted to provide water to Hagar and her infant son Ismail after being left alone in the desert. God caused the spring to bubble up wherever the angel Jibrael struck his wing upon God’s command.

The Zamzam well has thus been revered since pre-Islamic times by pilgrims who stop to:

  • Pray
  • Collect water to take home, and
  • Gain spiritual purification

Zam Zam is the primary source of drinking water for the thousands of pilgrims in Makkah. The water is believed to carry healing and sustaining properties bestowed upon it by God. That’s why many people visit here every year to experience the incredible properties of the Zam Zam. So, book the best Umrah packages from UK for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of Zam Zam!

Amazing Benefits of Drinking Zamzam Water

The water from the Zamzam well is fresh and clutter-free. It is believed that drinking this holy water carries spiritual and physical benefits including:

  • Healing properties to cure illnesses
  • Increased faith, wisdom and peace of mind
  • Hydration and energy
  • Purification of the soul to obtain closure for sins
  • Improved health and well-being

The water’s healing and curative nature makes it a popular request among overseas visitors to take home.

What is the pH of Zam Zam? Composition and Properties

Scientific analysis has shown Zamzam water has a unique chemical composition that sets it apart from regular groundwater. Key properties include:

  • Low level of calcium making it ideal for bone and joint health
  • Rich in magnesium and sodium minerals that regulate blood pressure and volume
  • Higher levels of phosphorus and sulphur to remove toxins
  • Natural fluorine for dental health
  • Optimal alkaline pH of 7.5-7.7 promoting acid-base balance
  • Contains no nitrates or bacteria confirming purity and safety
  • Composition remains consistent despite thousands of gallons drawn daily

These special properties imbue Zamzam water with therapeutic characteristics for those who drink it.

Zam Zam Water vs Regular Water – Quick Overview

Beyond unique elements, Zamzam water differs in cultural and religious significance attached to it in Islamic faith and practice.

Regular bottled water simply quenches thirst and provides hydration. But the water from the Zamzam well sustains pilgrims while carrying divine favour and blessings.

Muslims also recite prayers and supplications over Zamzam water which are not replicable for regular drinking water. This spiritual sanctification makes it holy water for healing, forgiveness and faith. Want to experience this miraculous water?

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The Cultural Importance of Zamzam Water

As a water source molded by God to nurture prophets in Islamic history, Zamzan holds deep cultural and religious importance globally across Muslim communities.

Drinking Zamzam water and carrying it back home for family is a cherished tradition for pilgrims to Makkah. It represents the spiritual essence of their journey.

Many Muslims also routinely recite prayers over small amounts of Zamzam water. This water is then used for healing, skincare, or soothing a newborn baby.

New Muslims after taking their shahada are often served Zamzam water to uplift their faith. And Muslim parents may gently rub their newborn’s palate with Zamzam water. This is done to demonstrate the child’s first nourishment which is tied to the Islamic faith. Read latest new Portugal visa requirements.

So, while all water represents life, Zamzam water symbolizes life enriched by Islamic traditions and God’s gifts. Experience this amazing water by getting a Saudi Arabia eVisa today!

Islamic Traditions and Etiquette for Zamzam

There are some Islamic guidelines and etiquette pilgrims must follow when collecting, handling or drinking Zamzam. These include:

  • Enter toilet facilities or touch the Quran only after purifying hands washed in Zamzam
  • Use the right hand to drink, returning any spills back to the cup
  • Recite Dua for Zam Zam Water when collecting your portion
  • Do not contaminate the water with external items or your saliva
  • Share it generously with other Muslim family and friends
  • Store it in a respectful place until use

Visitors must also avoid over-collecting water beyond reasonable personal needs which deprives other pilgrims. By honouring these traditions around Zamzam water, pilgrims uphold their spiritual link to divine gifts.

Where to Get Zam Zam Water in Saudi Arabia?

Zamzam water is freely available from coolers and taps within the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Pilgrims collect it in bottles or carry it in buckets back to hotels and homes.

You can also purchase Zam Zam Water bottles at shops and malls across Saudi Arabia. And you will also find these water bottles at major airports. Distinct Zamzam bottles are widely exported and sold at Muslim speciality stores globally.

Visitors can spot authentic Zamzam by its manufacturer labels verifying “Source of Zamzam.” Or you can get the water from trusted suppliers.


For visitors to Saudi Arabia and Muslims worldwide, Zamzam water is a special drink imbued with spiritual significance. Learning its unique history and cultural importance enriches the cultural experience. And partaking in the honoured traditions around Zamzam water allows pilgrims to carry back a cherished part of their sacred journey from Makkah.

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What’s special about the taste of Zamzam water?

The water has a distinct sweet taste attributed to its high mineral content including calcium and magnesium. Many pilgrims find it lighter to drink and more refreshing.

Can anyone drink Zamzam water?

Yes! As a divine blessing, Zamzam water can be safely consumed by followers of all faiths, though Muslims carry out additional spiritual traditions around it.

Is Zamzam water safe to drink?

Multiple scientific tests have confirmed the water is fully potable directly from the well and taps in Makkah. Bottled Zamzam exports undergo commercial sterilization before distribution.

Can Zamzam water be used up?

The Zamzam well taps into a natural aquifer flowing for over 4,000 years. Hydrogeologists confirm this ancient underwater lake supplying Zamzam is continually replenishing and will never run dry by the will of God.

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